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Home Economics Education: An Enhancement for Early Childhood Education Enterprise for Sustained Deve ...

Journal: Journal of Vocational Education (JOVE), 2005
Author: Idibie, P. T.

The Effect of Height of Maximum Destiny (Hm) Changes on the Ordinary Wave Critical Frequency of the ...

Journal: Oasis Multidisciplinary Journal of Research and Development, 2011
Author: Morka, J. C, Molua, O. C., and Ighrakpata, F. C.

Attitude of agricultural science teachers towards improvisation in the teaching of agricultural scie ...

Journal: Journal of Vocational Education, 2009
Author: Akarue, B.O. Eyovwunu, D.

Teacher Orientation, Refresher course, Interpersonal Development and the Role of Government

Journal: Journal of School of Education, 2012
Author: Anigala, A

Towards enhancing Food Supply through Food Preservation for Sustainable Development in an Age of Sca ...

Journal: Proceedings of International Conference on Research and Development, 2011
Author: Ewubare, M.U.

Forestalling the Drilling of False Prospects in The Abraka Area of Delta State:The Weathered Layer ( ...

Journal: Pacific Journal of Service and Technology, 2009
Author: Igherighe, O. C.., Molua, O. C. and Ighrakpata, F. C.

Stress Management and Emotional Intelligence of Secondary School Teachers in Nigeria

Journal: International Journal of Management and Social Sciences, 2013
Author: Agbajor, H. T., Ezele, N. E.

Sterotyped perception of rural women farmers as chief actors in agricultural development system in D ...

Journal: International Journal of Economics and Development Issue, 2006
Author: Kperegbeyi, J. I., Eyovwunu, D., Emakpor, L. Ugborugbo. L.

Analysis of Buku I Well using Amplitude Variation with Offset Technique in determining the anomalous ...

Journal: Nigerian Annals of Natural Sciences, 2013
Author: Ighrakpata F. C. and Ujuanbi, O.

Mud Logging as an Exploration Tool. (A Case Study of Uzere Well)

Journal: Nigerian Journal Of Science And Environmental Facility Of Science, Delta State Univerity, Abraka, 2007
Author: Molua, O. C., Ighrakpata, F. C., Emagbetere, J. U. and Okoh, H.