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Effective ways of achieving sustained poverty reduction and food security in Nigeria

Journal: Waka Journal of Vocational Education, Arts and Science Studies, 2004
Author: Eyovwunu, D. Ajorkporise, D.

Chemical characterisation and antimicrobial activity of Rhaphiostylis beninensis root oil

Journal: Journal of Chemical Society of Nigeria, 2009
Author: Edema, M.O. Iyekowa, O. Nnadi, C.F. and Eigbadon, K.

Using Geophysical and Drillers Log for the Determination of Aquifer in Extreme Owe Region (Delta Sta ...

Journal: International Journal Of Agriculture Innovations Research, 2013
Author: Molua, O. C. Ighrakpata, F. C. and Onwuka, F. O.

Oil Spillage, Causes and Its Remedial Measures (Niger Delta Area of Nigeria as a Case Study)

Journal: Journal of Institute Of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, 2010
Author: Molua, O. C., Igherighe, E. C., Ighrakpata, F. C. and Emagbetere, U. J.

Physicochemical Characteristics Of The Seed Oil Of Parinari Excelsa (Sabine)

Journal: Journal of Chemical Society of Nigeria, 2009
Author: Edema, Mary O. Oderoha Mabel and Daro Idollo, E.

The Relevance of Motivation in the Educational organization

Journal: International Journal of current Research in the Humanities, 2013
Author: Anigala, A.

National Transformation Strategies: The Role of Social Studies and Family Life Education

Journal: African Review of Arts, Social Sciences and Education, 2013
Author: Ikem, K. and Reuben, D.

Developing Human Capital through Vocational Guidance in a Global Economy

Journal: Journal of Vocational and Technological Education. (JOVTE), 2014
Author: Anigala, A.

The potentials of indigenous rural woman groups (RWGs) for agricultural extension Delivery in Delta ...

Journal: Journal of Research in Agriculture, 2011
Author: Ifie, P.A, E.A. Onemolease, and Erie, A.P.

The Availability and Use of Information Communication Technologies by Extension Agents in Delta Stat ...

Journal: Journal of Human Ecology, 2009
Author: Ovwigho. B.O., Ifie, P.A., Ajobo, R.T. and Akor, E.I.