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Home Economics and Sustainable Development in Nigeria

Journal: Research Issue in Home Economics, 2000
Author: Okpetu, W.I. and Nwankwo, T.O.

Perception of farmers on access to agricultural credit in Udu LGA of Delta State

Journal: Journal of Vocational Education (JOVE), 2009
Author: Ifie, P.A, Akarue, B.O and Moseribi, B.

Towards Enhancing Womens Participation in Community Development Programs in Isoko North Local Govern ...

Journal: Journal of Home Economics Research (JHER), 2007
Author: Nwankwo, T. O. Otiede, E. O.

Synthesis of 2-(-2-aminophenyl)-5-methyloxazole

Journal: S. Afr.J. Chem., 2000
Author: Edema, M.O. and Usifoh, C.O.

Mud Logging as an Exploration Tool. (A Case Study of Uzere Well)

Journal: Nigerian Journal Of Science And Environmental Facility Of Science, Delta State Univerity, Abraka, 2007
Author: Molua, O. C., Ighrakpata, F. C., Emagbetere, J. U. and Okoh, H.

Teacher Orientation, Refresher course, Interpersonal Development and the Role of Government

Journal: Journal of School of Education, 2012
Author: Anigala, A

Nigerias Un-sound Democratic practices and The Need For National Stability

Journal: Journal of Inter-Disciplinary Studies on Contemporary Issues, 2015
Author: Etumudor Monday

Analysis of motivational factors of agricultural development (ADP) workers in Delta State. Nigeria

Journal: African Journal of Agricultural Research Development, 2012
Author: Akarue, O. B., Eyovwunu, D. Oghorada, A.

Analysis of agricultural science students inclination towards entrepreneurship

Journal: Journal of Vocational Education, 2012
Author: Akarue, O.B. Eyovwunu, D.

Studies in The Production of Furfural by the hydrolysis of Maize Cobs

Journal: Nigerian Journal of Applied Science, 1992
Author: Efebomo G.E. Okieimen C.O, Okieimen F.E.