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Chemical analysis and contractile (oxytoxic) activity of hexane extract of Newbouldia laevis on Alb ...

Journal: International Journal of Medical Science Research, 2012
Author: Iyekowa, O., Owolabi, O.J., Edema, M.O, Akanji, A.A. and Osarodion, O.P.

Achieving Purposeful Girl Child Education in Nigeria through Counselling

Journal: Journal of School of Education, 2012
Author: Agbajor, H. T.

Perceived Causes of Violence Against women by working class women in Warri metropolis: Implications ...

Journal: Journal of Counselling Association of Nigeria (CASSON), 2016
Author: Anigala, A and Abidde, A.

Isolation of Morpholine Hydrate Crystals From Solanum nigrum

Journal: Proceedings of International Conference of the Chemical Society of Nigeria, 2004
Author: Edema, M.O. and F.E. Okieimen

Strategies for Promoting the Adoption and Use of Household Technologies by Families in Warri through ...

Journal: Journal of Home Economics Research (JHER), 2008
Author: Ochonogor, E.O. and Ewubare, M.U.

Bacteriological Characteristics of Groundwater [Boreholes and Hand Dug Wells in Warri and Environs

Journal: Journal of Research and Bio- Science, 2009
Author: Ottah, Helen N. and Okonkwo, M.J.

Hawking Practices among Children in Delta State

Journal: Journal of Vocational Education (JOVE), 2002
Author: Okpetu, W.I.

Teachers perceptions on the uses and non-educational uses (misuses) of media resources in secondary ...

Journal: Sky Journal of Educational Research, 2014
Author: Eyovwunu, D. Akarue, B. O.

Teaching Social Studies in Secondary Schools Through the use of Dynamic Approach

Journal: Nigerian Journal of Social Studies and Civic Education, 2014
Author: Ikem Kenneth