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A study of the growth parameters of the Nigerian improved local chicken (Alpha Strain) and the exoti ...

Journal: Journal of Research In Agriculture, 2009
Author: Eyovwunu, D. Omeje, S. I.

Porosity Estimation in the Niger-Delta Basin of Nigeria Using Some Log

Journal: The Pacific Journal of Science and Technology, 2011
Author: Molua, O. C., Igherighe, E. C. and Ighrakpata, F. C.

The Conductivity of a Formation as a Measure of Induced Current. (A Case for Induction Log)

Journal: Nigerian Journal of Science and Environment, Faculty of Science, Delta State University Abraka , 2007
Author: Molua, O. C., Ighrakpata, F. C., Emagbetere, J. U. Okoh, H.

The egg weight and egg shell thickness comparison between the exotic (Isa. Brown) and the Nigerian n ...

Journal: Journal of Research In Agriculture, 2009
Author: Eyovwunu, D. Omeje, S. I.

Hawking Practices among Children in Delta State

Journal: Journal of Vocational Education (JOVE), 2002
Author: Okpetu, W.I.

The Role of (ICT) Information and Communication Technology in Guidance and Counselling in Nigerian S ...

Journal: Warri Journal of Applied sciences (WJPAPS), 2013
Author: Anigala, A.

The Place of Home Economics Education in Primary and Teacher Education

Journal: Nigeria Journal of Teacher Education and Teaching, 2006
Author: Idibie, P.T. and Ochonogor, E.

Challenges of Family living faced by female Undergraduate students in Tertiary Institutions of Delta ...

Journal: Journal of Vocational Education, 2009
Author: Nwankwo, T. O. Otiede, E. O.

Simplified Procedures for preparation of p-nitroso-N,N-dimethyl aniline and Qualitative test for Ni ...

Journal: Nig. J. Appl. Sc., 1989
Author: Chaco, M.C. and Ebido, M.O.

Food and Nutrition: A Panacca for Transiting the Nation from Oil Gloom to Economic Bloom

Journal: Journal of Vocational and Technical Education (JOVTE), 2016
Author: Ewubare, M. U. Oviwighose, A.