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Hydrocarbon Levels In Warri River And Its Catchment Area At Pessu Market In Warri, Delta State Niger ...

Journal: International Journal of Applied Chemistry India, 2008
Author: Edema, M.O , Edema, C.U. and Oyema, T.L.

Refocusing Citizenship Education in Nigeria: The Roles of Educational Agencies in Knowledge Review

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Author: Ikem, Kenneth

Food and Nutrition: A Panacca for Transiting the Nation from Oil Gloom to Economic Bloom

Journal: Journal of Vocational and Technical Education (JOVTE), 2016
Author: Ewubare, M. U. Oviwighose, A.

Effective ways of achieving sustained poverty reduction and food security in Nigeria

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Citizenship Education and National Integration: The Imperative of Developing the Psyche.

Journal: Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 2013
Author: Etumudor, M.

Waste Water as a Resource

Journal: Journal of Academics, 2010
Author: Efebomo G.E. Ojanomare A.A.

Enhancing the Role of the Female Gender in National Development

Journal: Journal of National Association of Women Academic (JOWACS), 2004
Author: Ewubare, M.U.

Family Related Policies in Nigeria and Implications For Home Economics Research Issues in Home Econo ...

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Author: Edafe, F. N. U Ohwovoriole P.

Assessment of Womens Role it Household Food Security in Ika South Local Government Area

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Strategies for Economic Empowerment of Rural Women at the Household Level in Nigeria

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