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Attitude of secondary schools students toward agricultural science education in Warri metropolitan a ...

Journal: Journal of Vocational Education, 2012
Author: Eyovwunu, D.

Strategies for Improved English Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century

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Author: Shobomehin, T.O.

Historical Overview of the Factors Affecting Chemical Education of Women in the Northern Nigeria.

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Author: Ucheaga, C.

Synthesis of 2-(-2-aminophenyl)-5-methyloxazole

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Author: Edema, M.O. and Usifoh, C.O.

Analysis of agricultural science students inclination towards entrepreneurship

Journal: Journal of Vocational Education, 2012
Author: Akarue, O.B. Eyovwunu, D.

A study of the growth parameters of the Nigerian improved local chicken (Alpha Strain) and the exoti ...

Journal: Journal of Research In Agriculture, 2009
Author: Eyovwunu, D. Omeje, S. I.

Porosity Estimation in the Niger-Delta Basin of Nigeria Using Some Log

Journal: The Pacific Journal of Science and Technology, 2011
Author: Molua, O. C., Igherighe, E. C. and Ighrakpata, F. C.

The Impact of Lithology for Better Aqifer in Agbor

Journal: South-South Nigeria Journal of the Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics, 2016
Author: Tseke, R. S. Ighrakpata, F. C. and Aigbekaen, R. S.

Towards a National Language for National Development: Problems and Prospects

Journal: Nigerian Journal of Development Issues: Education, Socio-Political and Economic Development, 2000
Author: Shobomehin, T.O.

Academic Assessment of Skills Acquisition in Clothing Construction Examination for Senior Schools in ...

Journal: Journal of Vocational Education, (JOVE), 2006
Author: Edafe, F. N. U.