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Preliminary Profile of Some Heavy Metals in Bottom Sediments of the Ethiope and Benin Rivers, Delta ...

Journal: International Journal of Advances in Science and Technology, 2011
Author: Edema, M.O, Edema, C.U, Imasuen P.I and Osarumwense, P.O.

Computational Chemistry Vital Tool in Understanding Oil Field Chemical at the Molecular Level

Journal: Proceedings International Conference of Society of Nigeria, 2014
Author: Ucheaga, C.

Formulating Water Pollution Controlling Agent through Analysis of Beach Comber

Journal: Warri Journal of Science and Technology (WAJOST), 1997
Author: Okonkwo, M.J. and C. Ucheaga

Respect for Ethnic Identity, Democracy and Equity as Anti-Dote To Insecurity in Nigeria.

Journal: Niger Delta Journal of Education (NIDJOE), 2016
Author: Etumudor, M

Educational Needs of Women in the Home: Implications for the family in Uvwie Local Government Area, ...

Journal: Journal of Home Economics Research Association of Nigeria (JFIER, 2005
Author: Nwankwo, T. O.

Bacteriological Characteristics of Groundwater [Boreholes and Hand Dug Wells in Warri and Environs

Journal: Journal of Research and Bio- Science, 2009
Author: Ottah, Helen N. and Okonkwo, M.J.

Social Studies Education: Mans Activities in the Environment

Journal: Journal of Collaborative Research and Development (JCRD), 2014
Author: Ikem Kenneth Reuben Daniel

A study of the growth parameters of the Nigerian improved local chicken (Alpha Strain) and the exoti ...

Journal: Journal of Research In Agriculture, 2009
Author: Eyovwunu, D. Omeje, S. I.

The Effect of Height of Maximum Destiny (Hm) Changes on the Ordinary Wave Critical Frequency of the ...

Journal: Oasis Multidisciplinary Journal of Research and Development, 2011
Author: Morka, J. C, Molua, O. C., and Ighrakpata, F. C.

Teachers perceptions on the uses and non-educational uses (misuses) of media resources in secondary ...

Journal: Sky Journal of Educational Research, 2014
Author: Eyovwunu, D. Akarue, B. O.