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Positioning Clothing and Textiles Entrepreneurship Education on the Employment Prospects through Hum ...

Journal: Journal of Nigeria Association of Vocational and Technical Education (JOVTE), 2014
Author: Edafe, F. N. U.

Strategies for Household Waste Management in Warri Metropolis

Journal: Journal of Home Economics Research (JHER), 2004
Author: Ewubare, M.U and Ochonogor, E.O.

Nigerias Un-sound Democratic practices and The Need For National Stability

Journal: Journal of Inter-Disciplinary Studies on Contemporary Issues, 2015
Author: Etumudor Monday

Sewage Treatment Effluent Recipient And Discharge Qualities

Journal: Journal of Hydrocarbon Science and Technology, 2005
Author: Efebomo G.E. Ukpebor E.E., Okonkwo M.J. Erhabor F

Attitude of Teachers in Training toward Research for National Transformation

Journal: African Journal of Education, 2014
Author: Alordiah, O. C., Agbajor, H. T.

Analysis of agricultural science students inclination towards entrepreneurship

Journal: Journal of Vocational Education, 2012
Author: Akarue, O.B. Eyovwunu, D.

Physico chemical analysis of the seed oil of Aframamum danielli

Journal: Nig. J. Appl. Sc., 1991
Author: Edema, M.O. and Pender Obodo, E.T.

Towards enhancing Food Supply through Food Preservation for Sustainable Development in an Age of Sca ...

Journal: Proceedings of International Conference on Research and Development, 2011
Author: Ewubare, M.U.

Environmental Management and Pollution Control in Warri

Journal: Journal of Science and Technology, 2007
Author: Egbuchunam, T. O. and Ighrakpata, F. C. and Ottah, H. N.

Analysis of Physcio-Chemical and Bacteriological Content of Storm Water in Warri and its Environ, De ...

Journal: Warri Journal of Pure and Applied Science, 2013
Author: Odiyoma, Helen N. and Okiewhru, Eloghenemiro