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Using Scientific Knowledge to Improve the Potash Making Process by Women of Mangrove Swamp Communiti ...

Journal: Proceedings of GASAT 10 Conference at Copenhagen, Denmark., 2001
Author: Edema Mary O. and Okieimen Charity O.

Studies in The Production of Furfural by the hydrolysis of Maize Cobs

Journal: Nigerian Journal of Applied Science, 1992
Author: Efebomo G.E. Okieimen C.O, Okieimen F.E.

Problems of Clothing Management Practices of Home Makers in Delta State Research Issues in Home Eco ...

Journal: Home Economics Research Association of Nigeria (HERAN), 2002
Author: Ohwovoriole P. Edafe, F. N. U.

History and the Environment: The African Experience NOCEN

Journal: Journal of History and International Studies, 2009
Author: Etumudor, M

An Appraisal of Physics Teachers Level of Competence in ICT and its Implication for Vocational and E ...

Journal: Warri Journal of Pure and Applied Science, 2013
Author: Asarhasa, P. E., Ejakpomewhe, C. and Ighrakpata, F. C.

Towards enhancing Food Supply through Food Preservation for Sustainable Development in an Age of Sca ...

Journal: Proceedings of International Conference on Research and Development, 2011
Author: Ewubare, M.U.

New Systems Chemistry for Senior Secondary Schools

Journal: Marshall Cavendish Africana First Publishers, 2011
Author: Tan Yin Toon, Chen Ling Kwong, John Sadler, Raymond Tsoi, Mary O. Edema and Charity Umobi

A cost-effective scheme developed for studying human malaria caused by Plasmodium falciparum

Journal: Journal of Natural Sciences Research, 2012
Author: Imade, O.S., Iyekowa, O., Edema, M.O., Akinnibosun, F.I., Oladeinde, B.H., and Olley, M.

Towards Liberating the Girl-Child from School Factors Inhibiting Her Education Educology

Journal: Journal of Teacher Perspective, 2005
Author: Oniyama, E. and Ewubare, M.U.