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Mud Logging as an Exploration Tool. (A Case Study of Uzere Well)

Journal: Nigerian Journal Of Science And Environmental Facility Of Science, Delta State Univerity, Abraka, 2007
Author: Molua, O. C., Ighrakpata, F. C., Emagbetere, J. U. and Okoh, H.

Counselling for Effective Implementation of the UBE: Problems and Prospects

Journal: Journal of Inter- Disciplinary Studies on Contemporary Issues, 2015
Author: Anigala, A.

Historical Overview of the Factors Affecting Chemical Education of Women in the Northern Nigeria.

Journal: Journal of School of Vocational Education, 2001
Author: Ucheaga, C.

Production of Glucose Syrup from Malted Sorghum (Sorghum Bicoloe) using Enzyme Hydrolysis

Journal: International Journal of Physical Science, 2011
Author: Okonkwo, M.J. Ewubare, O.E. and Ewubare, M.U.

The Inhibition of Mild Steel Corrosion in an Acidic Medium by the Aqueous Extract of Leaves of Polya ...

Journal: Portugaliae Electrochimica Acta, 2014
Author: Chinyem, O., D. E. Ogbeifun, M.O. Edema

Remediation of soil contaminated with Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons from crude oil

Journal: African Journal of Biotechnology, 2011
Author: Edema, CU., Idu, TE and Edema, MO.

An Assessment of fish pond management practices in Uvwie local government area of Delta State, Niger ...

Journal: Continental Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Science, 2012
Author: Akarue, B. O. Eyovwunu, D.

Respect for Ethnic Identity, Democracy and Equity as Anti-Dote To Insecurity in Nigeria.

Journal: Niger Delta Journal of Education (NIDJOE), 2016
Author: Etumudor, M

Chemical And Anticonvulsant Screening Of Crinum Jagus

Journal: Nig. Journal of Chemical, 2002
Author: Edema, M.O. and Okieimen, F.E.

Chemical analysis, antimicrobial and antiplasmodial activities of Stigmaphyllon ovatum (Cav.).

Journal: International Journal of Chemistry, 2007
Author: Edema, M.O. and Iyekowa, O.