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Dr. Mrs. Adiotomre Etadafe Josephine

  • Designation: Dean
  • Office/Department: School of Education
  • Specialisation:


Dr. (Mrs.) Josephine E. Adiotomre is the current Dean, School of Education, College of Education, Warri.  She was born about fifty years ago into the humble family of Late Chief and Mrs. G. O. Akpede of Agbarho in Ughelli North Local government Area of Delta State.

Her great interest in education has made her remain a Teacher trainer in the college offering her the opportunity to impart on students, the younger generation, her wealth of knowledge.  While carrying out this God-given role of Teacher trainer, she has zero tolerance for indiscipline in form of examination malpractice, and as a mother she does not forget to reinforce hardworking student(s) and counsel all category of students when the need arises, as a seasoned educationist would do.

Her primary research interests are in the administration and management of primary education where she has carried out research works and authored many publications in reputable journals.  Some of her work include:
I.    Management of physical and instructional facilities in private and public primary schools;
II.    Comparative study of public and primary schools in the management of curriculum and instruction in Delta State.
III.    Refocussing infrastructural problems in private and public primary schools for qualitative education.
IV.    The school Administrator and curriculum implementation.
V.    Achieving Qualitative Education through effective supervision for sustainable development in Nigeria Educational system.
VI.    Human Resources development through In-service training in the achievement of the Nigeria seven (7) Point Agenda for National Development.

She has published many books and articles in learned journals locally, nationally and internationally.  She is the proud author of ‘Introduction to Educational Administration and Management, ‘History of Education in Nigeria’ and also a Co-author and chief editor of ‘Practicum in Classroom Management and School Organization’.

She is an External Moderator to the Department of Educational Foundation, College of Physical Education, Mosogar.  The laudable feat of achievement in her educational career attests to the fact that Dr. (Mrs.) Adiotomre is actually hard working and has performed outstandingly well.  She has also received several awards.

The Dean has widely travelled within and outside the country for seminars and conferences.  She has visited Europe, Asian countries and U.S.A. for active participation in discussing educational issues.

Her hobbies are, reading, swimming and home management.  Suffice it to say that Dr. (Mrs.) Josephine E. Adiotomre is a blessing to the Education Industry in Nigeria and has put great marks in the sands of time.

Other Information

1. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Educational Administration, Delta State University , Abraka. (2004)
2. Masters of Education (M. Ed.) in Educational Administration, University of Benin, Benin City. (1991)
3. Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) in Arts/History, University of Benin, Benin City (1981)
4. Higher School Certificate from Federal School of Arts & Science, Ondo, Ondo State (1978)
1.   Head of Department – Educational Foundation/Administration
2.   Director - Teaching Practice.
3.   Chairman - Demonstration Secondary School Board.
4.   Chairman - Teaching Practice committee
5.   Member -   Academic Board Business committee
6.   Member -  Admission Board
7.   Member – Scoring Committee for Promotion Exercise etc.
1.   Nigerian Association for Educational Administration and Planning (NAEAP).
2.   The Society of Educational Administrator of Nigeria.
3.   The Learning Community International (Association for Learners)
4.   Association of Nigeria Academics (ANA)
5.   Nigerian Primary and Teacher Education
6.   National association for Research Development
7.   Association for the Promotion of Citizenship Education in Nigeria (APCEN)
8.   Women in Colleges of Education (WIN)
9.   Fellow-Strategic Institute for National Resources and Human Development.
10.  Registered Teacher, Federal Republic of Nigeria Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria.
1.   Best Head of Department, School of Education, 2007
2.   Fellow-Strategic Institute for National Resources and Human Development, 2007
3.   African Credibility Award by Supreme Magazine, 2009