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Dr. (Mrs.) Anigala Anino
Ph.D (DELSU), M.Ed (DELSU), B.Ed (B.S.U.), N.C.E(COE, Abraka)

  • Designation: Head of Department
  • Office/Department: Educational Psychology
  • Specialisation:
  • Tel: 08163952221


Dr. (Mrs) Anigala Anino hails from Warri North Local Government Area of Delta State. She is the current Head of Department of Educational Psychology department, School of Education, College of Education, Warri, Delta State.

Anino  began her academic career at the Bendel State University (Abraka Campus), where she obtained B.A. in Christian Religious Studies 1987. She also has her M.Ed and PhD both from Delta State University, Abraka.

She has published many books and articles in learned journals locally, nationally and internationally.

She provides professional Counselling and Lecturing in the College. She is married and blessed with children

Other Information

1. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Guidance and counselling, Delta State University, Abraka. (2011)
2. Masters of Education (M.Ed.) in Guidance and counselling, Delta State University, Abraka. (1997)
3. Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) in Christian Religious Studies, Bendel State University, Abraka Campus. (1987)
4.  Nigerian Certificate in Education (N.C.E.) in Economics /Religious Studies, College of Education, Abraka (1982)
5.  West African School Certificate (WAEC) from Zik Grammar School, Sapele (1977)
1.    Acting Counsellor Demonstration Secondary School, Warri (2000-2002)
2.    Vice Principal Demonstration Secondary School, Warri (2002)
3.    Acting Principal, Demonstration Secondary School, Warri (2003-2004)
4.    Principal, Demonstration Secondary School, Warri  (2004-2014)
5.    Member Seminar / Workshop Committee for DSS Teachers  (2000)
6.    Member Interview Panel for Academic/Senior  Administrative Staff Including DSS Staff (2004)
7.    Member D.S.S. Board  (2009-2014)
8.    Member College of Education Nursery and Primary School Board (2012-2014)
9.    Member Implementation Sub-Committee: Employment Interview for Administrative Officers And Libarians (Dec. 2012)
10 . H.O.D. Department of Educational Psychology (March 2016 till date)
12.  Member Student Project Committee (2017)
13.  Member Ad-hoc Committee to Resolve Hitches of Premium Multi -purpose Cooperative society (2017)
14.  Counsellor Abraka Grammar School, Abraka  (1996-1998)
1.    Member Counselling Association Of Nigeria (CASSON)
2.    Member American Counselling Association
3.    Member Forum For African Women Educationalist Nigeria (FAWEN)
4.    Member Institute Of Human and Natural Resources (MHNR)
5.    Member Nigeria Union Of Teachers
6.    Member Institute Of Public Diplomacy and Management
7.    Member Institute Of Management (Chartered)
8.    Member Teachers Registration Council Of Nigeria
9.    Member Women In Colleges Of Education
1.    Pillar of Nation Building, by Institute of Human and Natural Resources, Garki, Abuja 2005.
2.    Award of excellence by the College Of Education, Demonstration Secondary School, Warri Alumni Association. In recognition of qualitative leadership and development initiative of C.O.E. Demonstration Secondary School, Warri. 2008.
3.   National Education Research and Development Forum Merit Award, 2008. As one of the top ten School Administrators in Delta State Nov .2007.
4.   Nigerian Community Research and Consortium for Selfless services and immense contribution to human and community development in Nigeria as a ‘Real Distinguished Nigerian (RDN). Nov .2009.
5.   Merit Award by Centre for Educational Management and Curriculum Development Lagos. Oct 2009.


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