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Mr. Etumudor Monday

  • Designation: Head of Department
  • Office/Department: History
  • Specialisation: Ancient and African History, Social and Developmental Studies.
  • Tel: 08038296923


Monday began his academic career at the Bendel State University, now Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, where he obtained B.A. in history in 1994. His hunger for knowledge spurred him to take up M.A. programme in history and Diplomatic Studies at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile- Ife, graduating in 2006.

He got employed into the College of Education Warri as a young graduate in January 1996 few months after his N.Y.S.C. in Plateau State in 1995. To his credit are numerous conferences and published papers in learned journals. These papers have one focus and concern, that is, the drive for a virile society anchored on peace and tranquility; devoid of acrimony and rancour in its social, political and economic relations as a nation.

He stresses upon the fact that the overwhelming social and societal disabilities in the Nigerian nation are due to the abandonment of our traditional cultural values in the face of the changing times whose features have held the society in bondage rather than bonding it for collective national development.

Other Information

1. Master of Arts (M.A.) in History, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.(2006)
2. Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in History, University of Port-Harcourt, Port Harcourt, Rivers
    State (2006)
3. Post Graduate Diploma (PGDE) in Education, Edo State University, Ekpoma, Edo
    State (1994)

1.    Member, Exam Malpractice Committee   2004
2.    Member, SASS Inter-School Sports Committee   2004
3.    Member, NCE (Weekend) SUG Election Committee    2004
4.    Head of Department, History   2008 – 2010
5.    Member, SASS Committee for Scrutiny of Result Summaries to Academic
       Board   2003 - 2012
6.    Secretary SASS Welfare Committee   2006 - 2012
7.    Member  Curriculum Development Committee    2016 - Date
8.    Head of Department History    2014 till Date
1.     Historical Society of Nigeria (HSN)
2.     History Teacher’s Association of Nigerian College of Education (HISTANCE).
3.    Social Studies Teacher’s Association Educationist (SOSTAN)
4.    National Association of Social Studies Educationist (NASSE)
5.    National Association for the Advancement of Knowledge (NAFAK)
6.    National Association for the Promotion of Studies in Arts and Social Science
7.    Member, School of Art and Social Sciences School Seminar Committee
       (2000 - 2001)
8.    American Studies Association (O.A.U. Chapter)


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