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Dr. (Mrs.) Shobomehin Titilayo

  • Designation: Director
  • Office/Department: SQA and C
  • Specialisation:
  • Tel: 08000160042


Dr. (Mrs.) Titilayo Shobomehin had her primary education in Lagos where she obtained her First School Leaving Certificate. She proceeded to obtain her O’Level Certificate (WAEC) and her A’Level Certificate (HSC), also in Lagos. She then proceeded to the University of Lagos, Akoka, for her first degree in English Major (B.A.). 

She joined the services of the College of Education under the defunct Bendel State in 1981 as Lecturer III. While in the College service, she proceeded to obtain her Masters’ (M.A) and Doctorate (PhD) degrees in English from the Universities of Benin (Benin City) and Ilorin (Ilorin) respectively. She also obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) from Delta State University, Abraka. 

She rose to the rank of Chief Lecturer and has held various administrative positions as Head of Department and Dean of School respectively.

Other Information

1. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in English Language, University of Ilorin, Ilorin,           Kwara State.

2. Masters Degree (M.A.) in English and Literature, University of Benin, Benin City, Edo State.

3. Post Graduate Diploma (PGDE.) in Education, Delta State University, Abraka.

4.  Bachelor of Arts Degree (B.A.) in English, University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos       State.


1.     Ag. HOD, English   1995 – 1997

2.     HOD, English  2002 – Sept. 2004

3.     Ag. Dean, School of Languages  Sept. 2004-Feb.2005     

4.     Dean, School of Languages   March 2005 – July 2007

5.     Convener, 1st National Conference, School of Languages May 2nd -5th 2006

6.     Editor –in – Chief, Journal of Languages (JOLANGS)  2005-2007

7.     Coordinator, Delta Languages Project  2005-2007

8.     Dean, School of Languages  2009 – 2011

Other Services to the College include: 

1.     Scoring Committee for 1999 Promotions: Senior Admin. Staff (Hatiss 6-13). 2000

2.     Exams Malpractice Committee (Member) 2001-2003

3.     Committee of Deans (Member) 2005      

4.     Admissions Committee (Member) 2005-2007

5.     Committee for Investigation of School fees Fraud (Member) 2005

6.     Committee for Investigation of Issuance of fake Statement of Results (Chairman) 2005.

7.     Committee for Exams Complaints Involving Alleged Case of Impersonation (Chairperson) 2005.

8.     Panel to Investigate Alleged Case of Assault of Student by HOD, Fine Arts (Chairperson) 2008.

9.     Lecture Monitoring Committee for Delta State University Programs run by the College (Member) 2008-2010.

10.   Committee to Investigate Those Defrauding the College of School fees (Chairperson) 2009.

11.   Academic Board Results Business Committee (Member) 2008-2010.

12.   Committee to Investigate Activities of SUG (Students’ Union Government) 2009/10 DELSU, Abraka, Regular Programme (Chairperson).

13.   Research Grant Committee 2009/2010 (Chairperson).

14.   Staff Development Programme Committee for 2009 ETF Grant (Chairperson) 2010.

15.   TETFUND Research Grant Committee 2014-16(Member).

16.   Books Assessment Committee 2014-16(Member).

17.   Director, Standard, Quality Assurance and Control Unit  2016 till Date 

Membership of professional organizations includes:

1.     Association for Promoting Nigerian Languages and Culture (APNILAC)    (Permanent membership)

2.     National Association of Teachers of English in Colleges of Education and Polytechnics (NATECEP) (Membership Renewed Annually).

3.     Linguistic Association of Nigeria (LAN) (Membership renewed annually)

4.     Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) – Member (Membership lasts until retirement from Teaching service)

5.     Teachers’ Registration Council –Member (Membership lasts until retirement from Teaching service) 

Letter of Commendation for good work done as member, College of Education, Warri. Exams Malpractice Committee between 2001 and 2003

1.   Computer Appreciation from Riccod Consultants Nig. 2003

2.   Emotional Intelligence & Work Ethics from Josem Services (Mgmnt & Consultancy). 2006

3.   Continuing Professional Development (CPD) from British Council/NTI. 2007

4.   Teaching Knowledge Test Essentials Course (TKT) from British Council. 2009


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