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Mr. Ucheaga Chidiebere

  • Designation: Principal Lecturer
  • Office/Department: School of Science
  • Specialisation: Environmental Chemist


Chidiebere Ucheaga attended Amaise Primary School Nsirimo, Government College Umuahia, Secondary Technical School, Ofeme Ohuhu, Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu, Nnamdi Azikiwe University (UNIZIK) Awka, and Delta State University, Abraka. He graduated with B.Sc (Ed) Chemistry in 1994 from UNIZIK and M.Sc in Environmental Chemistry (2015) from Delta State University, Abraka.

He is a member of various scientific organizations. He won state honours meritorious award in Chemistry in recognition of his outstanding performance, distinguished hardwork, exemplary character and patriotism during the period of participation in the National Youth Services Corps in Delta State, 1994 service year.

He was the first scientist on African continent to develop foam concentrate (fire extinguisher) of international standard and in commercial quantity, tested and attested to by Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC), 1999, 2005 and 2007 in 2011 Nigerian Gas Company found it suitable in their operations (extinction of hydrocarbon fires and flames due to industrial solvents and patronized it). Nominated as one of the best three publishers in local and international journals 2015 and 2016 sessions in College of Education, Warri. He has published two books and co-published two books, contributed chapters in one book and has over sixteen articles and technical papers in local and international journals. He has supervised over ten undergraduates and thirty NCE students.

He has attended over twenty five local and international conferences. He has held various positions in the college.

He is married to Mrs. Blessing Ucheaga and they are blessed with children.

Other Information

1.   M.Sc in Environmental Chemistry, Delta State University, Abraka. 2015
2.   Bachelor of Science Education (B.Sc (Ed,) in Chemistry, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. 1994.
3.   Nigeria Certificate in Education (N.C.E.) in Chemistry (Teacher Technical Education) Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu 1991

1.    Head of Chemistry Department Jan. 2016 – date
2.    Member, Students Project Committee – 2017
3.    Member, Project monitoring committee – 2017
4.    Member, Committee on ‘Brains and Hands’ – 2014
5.    First Secretary School of Science Welfare Committee – 2002
6.    Member, Students’ Union Government Electoral Committee Delta State University, Affiliate Degree Programme – 2014
7.    Guest speaker students’ union government 1996
8.     Consultant to consultancy unit – 1997
9.     Guest of Honour Nigeria School Health Association – 2015
10.   Member, College Exam Committee 2004 – 2006
11.   Member, School of Science Exam Committee 2010 – date
12.   Responsible for Renaming Students’ Union Secretariat to Students’ Union Government 1995
13.   Resource person to Home Economic 2012
14    Department Academic Adviser 2000 – 2010

1.    Guest speaker international conference on trends and innovative practices in education: Future and implications India – 2015
2.    President Distinguished Association of Science Education Students, UNIZIK1992/93 session.
3.    Delegate of Delta Association of chambers of commerce industry mines and Agriculture (DACCIMA) to 22nd Kaduna International trade fair – 2001
4.    Delegate, Delta State Ministry of Commerce, Industry co-operatives and tourism to 22nd Kaduna International Trade fair – 2001
5.    Delegate, Delta State Ministry of commerce, Industry, Cooperatives and mines to 12th Enugu International Trade fair –2001
6.    A stakeholder in the development of the Nigerian economy, National Office for Technology Acquisition Programme (NOTAP) – 2013
7.    Completed entrepreneurial skill incubation with technology incubation centre, Warri, National Board for Technology incubation (Federal Ministry of Science and Technology) – 2016
8.    Federal Ministry of Science and Technology acknowledged maiden discovery of fire fighting chemical and allied products – 2001
9.    Exhibited the emerging fire technology on African continent to National oil spill Detection and Response Agency (NOSDRA) – 2012
10.   Attended Nigeria – UNESCO cooperative workshop on: train-the-trainers workshop for science and Mathematics educations in College of Education.
11.   Training on Petroleum Product Analysis – 1998
12.   Delegate of DACCIMA on Export Promotion organized by Delta State Government 2000
12.   Delegate of DACCIMA on Ministerial Briefing on African Growth Opportunity Act (AGOA) – 2002

1.    Member, Chemical Society of Nigeria (CSN)
2.    Member, Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN)
3.    Member, Forum of Academics for Educational Advancement and Initiative in Nigeria (FAFEAIN)
4.    Member, Nigerian Institute for Biomedical Engineering (NIBE)

1.    Meritorious honours, NYSC
2.    Brilliant performance DACCIMA
3.    Excellent Product Development, Shell Petroleum Development Company
4.    One of the best in College of Education, Warri and one of the finest brains in the country by Dean of Science.
5.    Commendation from Dean of Science for dedication to service and promptness to duty.
6.    Award from the learning community, India 2015.


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